About Chairman’s


Mrs. Shalini Manoj, Chairperson, GVN– The Global School, Bhopal. A consummate human being. True leader is defined not as the shepherd of a flock but as the inspirer of Co-leadership. Mrs. Shalini Manoj answers this definition in every way.

Her youthful exuberance and vivacious spirit makes her participation in curricular activities during festival and other celebration.

She is zeal of a young champion 
“The inspired and The Inspirer”.

Under her enlightened leadership GVN – The Global School has attained an excellent reputation for providing high-quality academic learning enriched by culturally rooted co-curricular education.
Her clear perception, preparation for the further and discerning mind will undoubtedly take the mission work farther and steer organization to greater glory.

The Global School
Sector -C,Govindpura,BHEL,Bhopal(M.P.)-462023

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