About Principal’s


He is the Principal of GVN - The Global School, Bhopal. The GVN - The Global School is a symbol of esteemed and quality education. 

Our motto Destination and Excellency captures the essence of our spirit. 
Visionary focus, Indefatigable energy, indomitable will, innovative outlook, constructive criticism, exuberant creativity, ebullient spirit are some of the salient features of the man in a millennium, a global educationist and universal human being.

Dr. Sharma believes in colleague oriented leadership. His democratic touch extends to both the staff and students. 

Dr. Sharma is a renowned teacher, administrator and patron of arts and culture.

His diverse interests, enterprising strides, futuristic thinking, boldness to proceed, come what may, single him out among educationalist of yester year of current period and in years ahead.
On the basis of these qualities Dr. Sharma achieved Best Mentor Award 2014 by CBSE from HRD Minister Smriti Irani on 3rd September 2015.

He was also awarded Rashtriya Shiksha Samman on 16th December 2015.

The Global School
Sector -C,Govindpura,BHEL,Bhopal(M.P.)-462023

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