Special Education Counselor

At SCHOOL, we aim to provide an environment which treats each child as a unique individual who is provided with a variety of learning experiences which promotes holistic development in all areas like physical, intellectual, moral, emotional or social.

Special education services are provided in the school with the help of a renowned special educator & counsellor, with the philosophy of teaching each child in a sensitive manner while addressing their individual growth needs. The focus of special education is to help each identified child meet their own unique educational needs.

Our teaches are committed to the students & their teaching. Our teacher believe that all students can learn & can develop & use curricular that encourage students to see, question & interpret ideas. To respond the needs of the students, teachers modify instruction to important learning opportunities in them.

The Global School
Sector -C,Govindpura,BHEL,Bhopal(M.P.)-462023

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